Students Impacted by College Schedule Changes


All Safe Storage wants to treat all our past,present,and prospective customers with goodwill during this unfolding follows:

1.   Upfront honest prices. 

2.  Our effort to ease this unpredictability is simple.....we are offering college students 
     special " Promo" plans on all three (3) of our student storage options; 
     anytime between now and your voluntary decision to vacate on campus residence
    or the college mandates to suspend in person learning and close campus. 

Note: Our normal summer rental period is May  thru your August return to campus - - 
four months.*

3.  Should  the State or College mandate no in-residence before or during spring semester we project
    providing a service to transfer your pre-packed & labeled  items from your dorm room to storage.
    This eliminates Covid related travel, compounded by unfavorable winter conditions. This would 
    require your communication to the college requesting that we act in your place. We would communicate 
    with the college for access time/date and proper college Covid guidelines.
   Pickup costs for portable, warehouse, or "boxed" storage would be $ 40.00/hr./man for time &
   equipment from portal to portal and on site (approx. 2 hrs/2 men = 4 man hrs. x $ 40.00 = 
  +/- $ 160.00. 
  These charges most likely would not be incurred upon return to campus since: 
  1.The portable or "boxed" options include redelivery to main ENTRANCE of dorm building.
  2.Warehouse self storage entails customer self pickup and transportation from warehouse.  

We will remain highly flexible to work with you around yet unknown schedules. 
* please see our MORE page,  click "storage tips" and view reservations explained. 

Select from the following options as DETAILED on COLLEGE STORAGE page for:

A. Portable units ( 4x8x6 )

B.  Self-storage units at our New Hartford warehouse.

C. " Boxed " Storage 

Please contact us with questions.  315-724-7156