Welcome College Students

Two options for student storage:.

I. Portable storage delivered on campus -  curbside to your dorm -  by appointment. We come to you!

II. Self storage at our New Hartford location. You transport and load, access 6 am-9 pm seven days a week. 

Notes: Details for each option are outlined below. 
           Act now for the best selection of available spaces.
           You must lock your portable or self storage unit upon loading, 
           We sell locks  (see the more page).
           Our $tudent Referral Program is a "Win - Win"  (see the more page).      

All Safe Storage services the following campuses:

Utica College - Hamilton College - MVCC and HCCC - SUNY IT - Munson Williams/Pratt (Utica)

I. Portable Units--Our most convenient - its quick and easy!

Rental periods, prices, sizing, and delivery details are outlined below.
Please call for personal assistance with any questions. 

1. Rent/Reserve online - it's easy, secure  and green. All major cards accepted.  
2. Within 24 hours of making your online rental/reservation, we send confirmation up email.
    We will call later as per info detailed in email to discuss delivery schedule and related details.
3. We deliver the unit curbside to your dorm. *
4. We assist you to load unit-you lock-you keep key or combination.
5. We can supply moving pads for customer usage, if required, during rental at no charge. 
6. Unit is placed inside second New Hartford warehouse location.
7. In advance of your return, call to schedule redelivery.   
* see below for delivery and related information.     

Portable Rental Periods and Prices (others may be arranged)

SUMMER    4 months
May 1st  thru August 31st. 
$ 300.00/unit prepaid in full

STUDY ABROAD   8  months  (8.5)
mid- December thru August 31st.
May 1st thru mid- January
$ 525.00/unit for either term prepaid in full 

SIZE: Envision a medium to large walk-in closet (4ft wide x 8ft. long x 6ft. tall  =  192 cu.ft.). 
          Easily holds one or two person's goods (not to exceed two).  It is your responsibility to 
          determine that you do not have an excessive amount of goods for the space. Proper
          packing and unit loading is important.  Call us for advice.

SAVE: $hare a unit with a friend and split the cost between yourselves (not to exceed two persons / refrigerators).  

Portable Unit Delivery and Related Information

1. You are to be fully packed/ready with you & your items at the main building entrance,
     so unit can be loaded quickly.(approx.20 mins./stop)  We are on a tight schedule.
2  see MORE page /Storage Tips -   Do's / Don'ts, Reservations "Explained", &  Misc. 

3. Reservations and rental period periods are non - prorated and non - refundable.

4. Portable price includes:
a. one (1) pick up
b. one (1) redelivery
Note -  multiple stops as part of the same  on campus pick up/redelivery are $ 20/ea if prearranged;
            unplanned stops are $ 25/ea. 
            example: shared unit; your in one dorm, your friend in another = 2nd stop.

5. Missed appointment or Separate/split transport of the same unit at different times or dates 
    will incur additional handling / delivery fees of  $75.00 /trip weekdays; $ 90.00 weekends. 
   Fees to be paid at time of service in cash.   
7. Our second New Hartford warehouse location for portable units has NO customer accessibility due to units being
    placed in multi-rows and multi-stacked, plus other equipment storage.          

II. Self Storage at our New Hartford warehouse

1. Call us to schedule a recommended preview of our available units.
    We will also demo. entry door  touch pad and location of lights.

2. Reserve your unit online or in person at time of preview.

3. You bring your items to the unit, load, lock and keep your key.

4.  Access anytime from 6am to 9pm  seven days a week.
5.  see MORE page / Storage Tips -  Do's / Don'ts,  &  Reservations "Explained" 
Note: Reservations and rental period are non-prorated and non-refundable.

Price and Sizes for Warehouse

A.     1st. Floor units have full ceiling height of approx 7.5 ft
Size/Floor Space (approx)               4x6             6x6             8x8
Summer (May 1st - Aug 31st) *      $150          $190           $220
Recommended persons/unit                1              1-2              2-3/max.

B.      2nd Floor units are 6,8,10 ft wide and 10 ft deep.(There are only sixteen (16) steps).
          Ceiling at door is approx. 7 ft and angles downward with roof slope to floor level.
Size/Floor space (approx.)               6x10           8x10             10x10
Summer (May1st - Aug 31st) *       $160           $190              $210 
Recomended persons/unit                   1                1-2                 2-3/max
                                                * Study Abroad Students call for pricing