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Student Storage:.


>   Self storage at our New Hartford warehouse. 
     You transport and load, with access 6 am-9 pm seven days/week.
     (details below).

>    Mezzanine Level of New Hartford warehouse.   
      For students with a minimal amount of items boxed or unboxable.

     An effective storage solution.  (details at bottom of page)     

Notes: A General outline explaining each option follows below. 
           Act now for the best selection of available spaces.
           You must lock your self storage unit upon loading, 
           We sell locks  (see the more page).
           Our $tudent Referral Program is a "Win - Win"  (see the more page).

All Safe Storage services the following campuses:

Utica Univeristy - Hamilton College - MVCC and HCCC - SUNY IT - Munson Williams/Pratt (Utica)


                                                                       Rent Storage Now


Self Storage at our New Hartford warehouse

1. Call us to schedule a recommended preview of our available units.
    We will also demo. entry door  touch pad and location of lights.

2. Reserve your unit online or in person at time of preview.

3. You bring your items to the unit, load, lock and keep your key.
4.  Access anytime from 6am to 9pm  seven days a week.
5.  see MORE page / Storage Tips -  Do's / Don'ts,  &  Reservations "Explained" 
Note: Reservations and rental period are non-prorated and non-refundable.

Price and Sizes for Warehouse -

A.     1st. Floor units have full ceiling height of approx 7.5 ft, some units are equiped with shelving.
Size/Floor Space (approx)               4x6             6x6             8x8     (these are a sampling of 1st floor sizes)
Summer (May 1st - Aug 31st) *      $200          $220           $260
Recommended persons/unit                1              1-2              2-3/max.

B.      2nd Floor units are 4,6,8,10 ft wide and 10 ft deep.(There are only sixteen (16) steps).
          Ceiling at door is approx. 7 ft and angles downward with roof slope to floor level.
Size/Floor space (approx.)               4x10           6x10           8x10             10x10
Summer (May1st - Aug 31st) *       $180            $200           $225              $250 
Recommended persons/unit               1                1                 1-2                 2-3/max

* Study Abroad - for either term cost is double the summer rate; that equates to one month free (9 mos. @ cost of 8).

C. We have larger  OUTSIDE units. See Self Storage page for general info; press RENT UNIT for availability & price. 


THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTUCTION (as of 2/1/22) sorry for the inconvience - PLEASE REVISIT on  2/15

For students that only need to pack a small to medium amount into boxes and containers or a combination of boxes and 
few items that are not boxable; such as mictwave, small refrigators (30'x30' max,), TV.  See size restrictions below.  .

IMPORTANT:   see our MORE page for "Storage Tips" and reservations "Explained"..

Top and bottom of all boxes should be CLOSED FLAT ( not humped), and taped closed. 



#. box or item weight limit of approx. 40 lbs./ea.

:We welcome your call 315-724-7156 to discuss your questions. 
If I don't answer please leave a message and I will respond.