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Rent Self Storage Units & Portable Storage in New Hartford 

We offer a wide variety of storage unit types and sizes to meet any requirements you might need. We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all-affordable. Feel free to call us anytime for your unit or simply rent your storage unit below!

Please review the pages for Portable Storage, Self-Storage, College Students and  More (info.)  to understand the period and terms of rental for our storage units. Following that, browse our available units. Rent your storage unit online by selecting the size and payment option and then clicking the rent now link. If you need help please call (315) 724-7156 for assistance or contact us via our online form.

WAIT LIST - Virtual Space (1 x 1 x 1)

This is NOT an actual "physical space".....but
you must be looking for a real storage unit that
you can use. I usually have unlisted units which
will be coming available soon.
Please call to discuss your needs and time frame.

Please contact us for unit availability.

$0.01 / month

Move In Special (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5)

New Customer, Move In Special: Last Month Free * with rental of five(5) months or longer.
On sizes 8x12 or larger, excludes portable Zip Pod rental units.
* Auto Pay required (credit/debit card). Rental rebates are by 1st class mail - check only.
and will be issued upon completion of 5th month OR as credit for payment of 6th month.
Offer void if payment(s) are late, missed, or balance outstanding/due, or if the required
fifteen (15) day advanced notice prior to vacating unit is not provided.
Our standard rental agreement terms apply to all rentals.
No other rebates beyond 5th month.
Please call with any questions.

Please contact us for unit availability.

$0.01 / month

ZIP - P.O.D. * Capacity of 3 -4 rooms household items. (20 x 8 x 6.5)

PORTABLE STORAGE - A large enclosed cargo transporter with a very low load height, using a low angle ramp for easy loading. Intended for shot term* moving/storage serving CNY;

!st. things !st. - Please call us for an advanced discussion of our availability and scheduling of delivery arrangements.
This will provide us both a clear understanding of related details. Upon verbal agreement of our unit availability and
delivery schedule you, the customer, must complete online rental and payment within 1/2 day of our conservation.
You will receive an email payment receipt and I will receive notice of your rental.
Delivery will generally be completed within three (3) business days, delivery date will count as start of1st rental week.
We need three (3) business days prior to unit transfer to another location or for pick up when empty/usage completed.
Rental stops with pickup.

Note: transpiration charges are additional for areas beyond zone 1. **

A. 1 week @ $115.00
B. 2 wks. @ $85.00/wk. x 2 =$170.00
C. 3 wks. @ $ 75.00/wk. x 3 = $225.00
D. 4 wks. @ $ 65.00/wk. x 4 = $260.00
E. 5 wks. @ $ 60.00/wk. x 5 = $300.00
F. 6 wks. @ $ 55.00/wk. x 6 = $330.00
G.7 wks. @ $ 50.00/wk. x 7 = $350.00
H.8 wks. @ $ 50.00/wk. x 8 = $400.00
* Since the Zip-Pod is intended for short term usage -
there is generally a Maximum of 8 weeks (2 months);
Unless agreed upon a min. of ten (10) days in advance.
Without advanced approval of rental extension the price
will revert/repeat back/from the 1st week price and thereafter.

The $ 270.00 reservation price reflects the average customer rental for two (2) wks.
with zone 1 transportation cost included. ***
(ex. zone1. 0-15 miles @ $ 35.00/ea. x2 for round trip = $70.00).

Initial rental charges and or transpiration charges (as shown above) are deducted from the reservation amount.
Additional charges are deducted from the deposit. The deposit of $ 280.00 would cover additional rental weeks
3 and/or 4 if required. Projection of extended rental or additional transport charges that exceed
the deposit reserve will be discussed and requested to be prepaid by five (5) days in advance.

*** see the portable storage page for additional info and transportation rates.

REFUNDS - prepaid but unused rental, transport and deposit amounts:
A. 100% refund of full week(s) not used (excludes 1st week). No refunds of partial unused week.
[ any given period of seven(7) consecutive days shall be considered a week ]
B. beyond 1st week prorated by counting unused week(s) X rate pricing range. >>
>> Less the difference for the weeks used to be charged at that price range.
All refunds will be paid by check, sent within five(5) business days by 1st class mail.
Questions......just call, I will gladly discuss how it all works and arrange scheduling.*
Online reservations, will receive a hard copy of rental agreement upon delivery.
* NOTICE: ZIP-POD units will be seasonally unavailable starting late Oct early Nov.
thru late April/early May.
We have regular self storage units at our New Hartford location.


$0.01 / month

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