Sizing Tips

What size unit is right for you? 

Find out here! 

Large 8x20 portable Storage Units
Slightly smaller than a one stall garage. Will hold approx. 4 - 6 rooms of household goods. 

Self Storage Units 
Approximately 90% of our self storage units are at ground level with a step-in height of six (6) to eight (8) inches. These units range in size from 5x10 to 10x20. A 10x10 unit can hold 1-2 rooms of household goods. 

Warehouse Units 
The units at our New Hartford Warehouse come in two types. All warehouse units are conveniently accessed via our main warehouse touchpad entry system. 

1st Floor Warehouse Units have a full ceiling height of approximately 7½ feet with Size/Floor space approximately 4x5 to 8x14. For instance, an 8x8 is good for those living in one-bedroom apartments. 

2nd Floor Warehouse Units are 6, 8, 10 feet wide and approximately 10 feet deep. Ceiling at door is approximately 7 ft. high and angles downward with roof slope to floor level. Size/Floor space approximately 6x10, 8x10, and 10x10. 

STORAGE TIPS - Do's & Don'ts......Store Safely !

1.  Nothing dangerous, flammable, explosive, or illegal.
2.  You lock & keep key (use your own, or we sell new - see below).
3.  Pack in advance. Label your items. 
4.  Refrigerators must be fully defrosted, clean and dry. Door ajar.
5.  No liquids (bottles of soaps or bleach., etc.) may be stored. 
6.  No food/beverages of any kind may be stored.
7.  Vacuum clean furniture,  including crevices  
8.  Make sure all items are clean and dry  (appliances, dishes ,etc.). 
9.   Remove batteries ( flashlights, remotes, laptops ,tools, etc.)
10. No items affected by temperature extremes - freezing (winter)
      and/or high heat(summer). Ex. carved candles will sag.
11. Use good judgement - call with questions.


Our software works in the "present time", so when you rent a unit:
1. it charges out your card now to reserve your unit. This is most often
the case for multi-month students since full pre pay is required.
However, it is understood that the payment will be applied to the future 
rental period.*  I will send an email confirmation within 24 hrs. directing
 you to review updated "paid to date" ( if  less than thru end of expected rental ).   
* Applied to May thru Aug (4mos) or study abroad term  (9mos) 
  of May thru Jan or Dec thru Aug.        Questions, please call me.

2.Rental proration is automatically calculated and charged ( # of days remaining
within the initial month of rental). This amount may cause the  4 or 9 month rate
to be somewhat more than quoted. These charges refunded (100 %) and
processed within ten business days by check (only)  to home address. 
Reservations / Rentals are non-refundable, no refund of unused days upon move out.

NON STUDENT : ( the above does not generally  affect you  
Since rentals are month to month. Proration  of 1st mo. is calculated
from rental date. The 2nd months rental is also payable with initial rental. *
Thereafter rental is generally month to month and auto charged to your payment
method on file. * NOTE: a rental that does not exceed the initial 1st month (has
not extended into 2nd month) but has prepaid 2nd month will have that amount refunded; 
provided that 15 days advanced notice to vacate * was given during the 1st month. 
*per terms of rental agreement. Refund by check (only) processed & mailed  within
ten business days to your address on file, if moving please update new address to us.  No refund of unused days upon move out.

ZIP POD  rentals are excluded from proration since rental is generally weekly.
                Referee to portable storage for details.


New high strength brass (won't rust) padlocks w/ two keys 
that you keep, we don't retain any keys, copies or combinations 
Cost @ $ 20.00/ea. in cash at time of sale. 

SPEAKING OF's been our experience that customers
sometimes forget or lose keys/combinations. We can generally
cut most (but not all) locks with our large bolt cutters at no charge. 
We use a grinder for locks that can't be cut, @  a  $20.00 charge.  
note: in either case the lock is destroyed with your consent.


If you refer a new student customer that rents a separate unit
from yours (sharing your unit does not count). We will
give you either a new lock or mail you a $15.00  check, upon
submission of their referral form and rental with full payment.