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Our Portable Storage Units

All-Safe Storage offers quick and easy moving and storage -  ZIP POD - delivered to your driveway.
It's fast, easy, and green to pay on line from your PC or mobile device. We accept all major credit cards.
A limited number of spaces are available--act now! 

Rent Your Portable Unit

Portable Storage

The All-Safe Portable Storage Advantage


We can store and move at your location or ours. Mix and match our services! 

Onsite Convenience - At your doorstep 
Load and unload on your own schedule. 

Save Money & Time 
No "double handling." No costly overtime rental rates; no expensive per-mile rates; and no refueling costs for those low mileage per gallon rental trucks! 

A Gentle Touch 
Since we do not use a 'tilt-bed' to move loaded units; your goods won't slide around or block the door. 

ZIP - POD = Full-Sized 
Most companies only offer units 7.25 ft wide and 12 to 16 ft long. 
All-Safe Storage offers full-sized units that are approx.. 8 ft. W, 6.5 ft. H, and 20 ft. L.

Portable Unit Sizing, Rates, & Guidelines

ZIP - POD  (8x20)  
Are rented by the week, with a decreasing cost ( when calculated based on # of weeks, x 7days = # of days, divided into base cost.* 
 (example: three (3) weeks x7 = 21days divided into the three week base cost for zone 1. 
Holds an average of 3-4 rooms of household goods; more if your a good packer.

Please review Zip - Pod " Info-Extension" below for a general outline of rental rates that INCLUDE one round trip (in/out) transport. 
Extra transport options are available for additional cost as shown below.

*If you find a verifiable lower rental rate on a comparable unit in our area we will
  meet or exceed it, automatic electronic payment processing required.

Delivery & General Guidelines for Zip - Pods

Our primary operation area is Central New York State.
Transportation Charges & Tolls  
Transportation charges are applied each time your unit is dropped off, picked up, transferred, or repositioned.  example:  delivery and pick up = two(2) trips = rate X 2 = total
Tolls, if any, are additional. Prepayment is required for transportation along with initial rental. 

Onsite Conditions & Limitations 
We only deliver onto hard/compacted surface areas. No delivery over lawn areas.  
Weather conditions may affect schedule. 
NOTE:  Zip Pod operations are curtailed during the winter.
              We have regular self storage at our New Hartford location
Call us to discuss questions.  

An extra fee may be charged on a case-by-case basis if your delivery conditions are especially challenging; examples include: Weight distribution Low wires, branches, overhangs, or steep, narrow, or restricted maneuverability. 

Questions, please call 315-724-7156


Zip - Pod  8x20  for short term* moving/storage, for a minimum of one (1) week (4 to 7 days)  and / or  thereafter weekly with a sliding scale rental rate.

Suitable for approx. 3-4 rooms of household items, perhaps more if your a good packer.

A large enclosed cargo transporter with a very low load height, using a low angle ramp for easy loading. 


 A. 1 wk. @ $115.00 > that equates to only $16.50/day
B. 2 wks.@ $85.00/wk. x 2 = $170.00
C. 3wks.@  $75.00/wk.   x 3 = $225.00
D. 4wks.@  $65.00/wk.   x 4 = $260.00  > that's less than $9.00/day!
E. 5wks. @ $55.00/wk.   x 5 = $275.00
F. 6wks. @  $50.00/wk.   x 6 = $300.00
G. 7wks.@  $50.00/wk    x 7 = $350.00
H. 8wks.@  $50.00/wk    x 8 = $400.00  

TRANSPORT RATES:   from  New Hartford, NY 13413   (refer to the above DELIVERY & GENERAL GUIDELINES)

zone 1.       0 - 15 miles  $ 35.00/ea
zone 2.     15 - 25 miles  $ 45.00/ea
zone 3.     25 - 35 miles  $ 55.00/ea
zone 4.     > 35 miles @  $ 55.00 &  $1.50/mile/ea

Prepaid but unused rental beyond 1st week will be prorated and refunded by check. ^
Online reservations will receive a hard copy of rental agreement upon delivery.
Unit will be seasonally unavailable starting mid/late Nov. thru mid April.

Questions...just call I will gladly discuss how it all works and/or my other options.

* since the ZIP - POD is intended for short term usage there is a MAXIMUM of eight(8) weeks. 
For long term usage you should consider monthly rental of our portable storage unit.

The $ 270.00 reservation price reflects the average customer rental for two (2) weeks,  
(add  INCLUDES zone 1 transport;  example: zone I round trip at $ 35.00 x 2 = $70.00).   .
$ 280.00.00 "deposit" is to cover the additional rental weeks 3 and/or 4 if required.

The projection of extended rental or additional transport charges that exceed the deposit reserve will be discussed & agreed upon; with pre payment five (5) days in advance charged to your account with receipt
by email and or text.

^ Additional refund information is available on the RENT UNIT page, scroll to ZIP POD.