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Student Storage:.


>   Self storage at our New Hartford location. 
     You transport and load, with access 6 am-9 pm seven days/week.
     (details below).

>    Dorm " Boxes " with Storage Included.   
      For students with a minimal amount of items boxed or unboxable.

     "BOXED" PLAN  a safe and effective storage solution.  (details at bottom of page)     

Notes: A General outline explaining each option follows below. 
           Act now for the best selection of available spaces.
           You must lock your self storage unit upon loading, 
           We sell locks  (see the more page).
           Our $tudent Referral Program is a "Win - Win"  (see the more page).

All Safe Storage services the following campuses:

Utica Univeristy - Hamilton College - MVCC and HCCC - SUNY IT - Munson Williams/Pratt (Utica)


                                                                       Rent Storage Now


Self Storage at our New Hartford warehouse

1. Call us to schedule a recommended preview of our available units.
    We will also demo. entry door  touch pad and location of lights.

2. Reserve your unit online or in person at time of preview.

3. You bring your items to the unit, load, lock and keep your key.
4.  Access anytime from 6am to 9pm  seven days a week.
5.  see MORE page / Storage Tips -  Do's / Don'ts,  &  Reservations "Explained" 
Note: Reservations and rental period are non-prorated and non-refundable.

Price and Sizes for Warehouse -

A.     1st. Floor units have full ceiling height of approx 7.5 ft, some units are equiped with shelving.
Size/Floor Space (approx)               4x6             6x6             8x8
Summer (May 1st - Aug 31st) *      $200          $220           $260
Recommended persons/unit                1              1-2              2-3/max.

B.      2nd Floor units are 4,6,8,10 ft wide and 10 ft deep.(There are only sixteen (16) steps).
          Ceiling at door is approx. 7 ft and angles downward with roof slope to floor level.
Size/Floor space (approx.)               4x10           6x10           8x10             10x10
Summer (May1st - Aug 31st) *       $180            $200           $225              $250 
Recommended persons/unit               1                1                 1-2                 2-3/max

* Study Abroad - for either term - cost is double the summer rate = one mo. free (9 for the cost of 8).

C. We also have large outside units. See our Self Storage page for general details;  press rent unit to view           availability & price. 

III. Dorm "Boxes" with Storage Included


For students that only need to pack a minimal amount into four to six boxes or a combination of boxes and few items
that are not boxable.

Price  Includes: *    1- delivery of four (4) new 3.0 cu.ft. boxes with a roll of packing tape
                               2 - Pick up of loaded boxes and/or unboxed items, from main entrance of dorm building only. 
                                    We DO NOT go to rooms.
                               3- Storage for four (4) months minimum..... (rental extension of extra  months can be arranged)
                               4- Re delivery back to your new dorm bldg. entrance in August. 
                                   (please call in advance to schedule return delivery).

*Additional charges may be applied, If you miss appointments, need split delivery or additional stops. ( see below) 

Box drop off normally requires  7 - 10 business days in advance of your scheduled pickup. All boxes and storage services require prepayment in full with order placement. All box drop off, pickup, re delivery are by appointment with student present. 

You may order additional new boxes of medium ( 3cu.ft.) or large (4.5 cu.ft.) size at additional cost as listed below,
We will credit back (check by mail) extra unused boxes purchased from us provided they are in good condition and 
you meet our min. service order as noted below. 
Note:  our min. service order is four(4) boxes (or combination of boxes and items) = $ X.00 *

Example:  2 boxes, 1 small cube refrigerator, 1 microwave = 4 items = $ X.00 *
                3 medium boxes ($ X), 1 large box or item ($ X), 1 oversized item ($ X)  = $ X.00 *  

a. $ X.00 for each additional medium box or small item at 3 cu.ft., (24 x 18 x 16) *
b. $ X.00 for each additional large box or item such as plastic totes, foot lockers, etc., 4.5 cu.ft. (18 x 24 x24) *
c. $ X.00 for each oversized item such as large refrigerator, desk chair, etc. up to 6 cu.ft. (24 x 18 x 24 inches) *
d. An expanded price list of unboxed items will be included with your new box drop off or upon request. 

 IMPORTANT:   see our MORE page for "Storage Tips" and reservations "Explained" for actual rental periods.
*  four (4) month rental storage along with box(s) drop off, pickup, and redelivery is included in price.
We welcome your call 315-724-7156 to discuss your questions. 
If I don't answer please leave a message and I will respond.       

1. box or item weight limit of approx. 50 lbs./ea.
2.Top and bottom of all boxes must be CLOSED FLAT ( not humped), SECURLY taped closed, and 
   labeled with name and phone #.
3.Pick up and Redelivery is at the main entrance area of dorm bldg. We DO NOT go to rooms, 
   you are responsible to have items PACKED and READY at main entrance area of dorm bldg.
   You must be present at time of box drop off, pick up, & re delivery.

Your boxed and unboxed items are stored at our New Hartford location. 
There is limited customer access to warehouse for self drop in spring or fall pick up (by appointment only) at no charge. 
Generally there is no access during storage period. If access is absolutely necessary, special prearrangements can be made
on a case by case basis. The charge for this service is $ 25.00 weekdays or $ 45.00 on weekends.

Contact us at 315-724-7156 for further information. 

 "BOXED" PLAN - HOW IT WORKS:   You must be present at time of box drop off, pick up & redelivery.         

1.We pre-deliver the boxes to allow you to pack in advance of our pick up and your departure.
2. Call to scheduled  for us to pick up from dorm bldg. entrance and bring your items to our New Hartford warehouse.
   (See map page for address)

3. When making your  arrangements for returning to campus, call to schedule an appointment to meet with you for our 
    redelivery of your items to your dorm building entrance area. (not to your room)

  Our price list for a wide variety of unboxed items is available upon request.

Please call with any questions @ 315-724-7156.