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Our Portable Storage Units

All-Safe Storage offers a quick and easy way to store your things: portable storage-delivered to your driveway.
It's fast, easy, and green to pay on line from your PC or mobile device. We accept all major credit cards.
A limited number of sizes and spaces is available--act now for the best selection!

Rent Your Portable Unit

Portable Storage

The All-Safe Portable Storage Advantage


                              During our page reconstruction you may reference our original content 
                              as seen below for a general overview for the concept of how our 
                              portable and zip pod storage service may meet your needs.

                             Please call with any questions.  315-724-7156

We can store and move at your location or ours. Mix and match our services! 

Onsite Convenience 
Load and unload on your own schedule. 

Save Money & Time 
No "double handling." No costly daily/overtime rental rates; no expensive per-mile rates; no truck accident insurance to purchase, and no refueling costs for those low mileage per gallon moving trucks! 

A Gentle Touch 
Our units are lifted, never tilted. Since we do not use a 'tilt-bed' to move loaded units; your goods won't slide around or block the door. 

Our units are bigger than theirs. Most companies only offer units 7.25 ft wide, 6.5 ft high, and 12 to 16 ft long. All-Safe Storage offers full-sized portable units 8 ft wide, 7.5 ft high and up to 20 ft length.

Zip - Pods 
These units are 8-8.5 ft. wide, 6.25 ft high and 20 ft length.
" We may not be the biggest, but no one is better"

Portable Unit Sizing, Rates, & Guidelines

8x12 Portable
$xxx.00 /month  *
$ xx.00 / multi month *
Average 1.5 to 2 rooms of household goods 

8x20 Portable
$xxx.00 /month  *
$ xxx.00/ multi month *

Average 4-5 rooms of household goods

ZIP - POD  (8x20)  
$  per day/per week * 
4-5 rooms of household goods

Please see the Zip - Pod " Info-Extension" below for a general outline of daily-weekly rental rates 
and transport charges.

*If you find a verifiable lower rental rate on a comparable unit in our area we will
  meet or exceed it, automatic electronic payment processing required.

Delivery & General Guidelines for Portables or Zip - Pods

Our primary operation area is Central New York State.
Transportation Charges & Tolls  
Transportation charges are applied each time your unit is dropped off, picked up, transferred, or repositioned.  example:  delivery and pick up = two(2) trips = rate X 2 = total
Tolls, if any, are additional. Prepayment is required for transportation along with initial rental. 

Onsite Conditions & Limitations 
We only deliver onto hard/compacted surface areas. No delivery over lawn areas.  
Weather conditions may affect schedule. 
NOTE: delivery operations are curtailed during the winter;  portable unit rentals can be extended thru the winter.
Call us to discuss questions.  

An extra fee may be charged on a case-by-case basis if your delivery conditions are especially challenging; examples include: Weight distribution Low wires, branches, overhangs, or steep, narrow, or restricted maneuverability. 

Delivery Zone Radius from Marcy, NY    13403                                                             

                                                             Portable unit delivered*                 Portable unit atop the
                                                             to your site on the ground              transporter parked in 
* transport days are Tues., Wed., Thur.                                                       driveway with ramp.       
Monthly on site ground delivery/rental is available. However;                 1-4 days to load/unload.
multi-month usage is more cost effective. Call to discuss.                            The "Weekender"                                                                                                                                                      Fri. delivery...                        
                                                                                                                               Mon. pickup 
                                                                                                                    (monthly storage available                                                                                                                                           @ our Marcy location) 
NOTE:  The one time "Set- Up" fee prepays the base (0-18 mile) round trip transportation rate and is charged upon initial rental. Additional charges, if any, will be discussed in advance.                                                                                                                                                                     

Zone 1: 0 - 18 miles                                                    $xx                                             $ xx  
Zone 2: 18-30 miles           $xx                                              $ xx

Questions, please call 315-724-7156


Zip - Pod  8x20  for short term* moving/storage, for a minimum of four(4) days or weekly with a sliding scale rental rate.

suitable for approx. 4-5 rooms of household items.

A large enclosed cargo transporter with a very low load height, using a low angle ramp for easy loading. 

The daily/weekly rental rate is as follows:

1st wk, days 1-4 @ $ xx.00 min, with days 5 - 7 @ $ x.00/day.
(if used seven days 1st wk. = $ xx.00)

2nd wk / plus 1st wk @ xx/day (xx.00)

3rd wk / plus previous wks @ x.00/day (xx.00)

4th wk plus previous wks. @  x.00/day (.00)

5th wk thru 8th wk is being revised with some other updates to items below to match unit description.  

TRANSPORT RATES:   from Marcy, NY 13403   (refer to the above DELIVERY & GENERAL GUIDELINES)

zone 1.       0 - 15 miles  $ xx.00/ea
zone 2.     15 - 25 miles  $ xx.00/ea
zone 3.     25 - 35 miles  $ xx.00/ea
zone 4.     > 35 miles @  $xx.00 & $x.00/mile/ea

Prepaid but unused rental beyond 4th day will be prorated and refunded by check.
Online reservations will receive a hard copy of rental agreement upon delivery.
Unit will be seasonally unavailable starting mid/late Nov. thru mid April.

Questions...just call I will gladly discuss how it all works and/or my other options.

* since the ZIP - POD is intended for short term usage there is a MAXIMUM of eight(8) weeks. 
For long term usage you should consider monthly rental of our portable storage unit.

The $ xxx.00 reservation price reflects the average customer rental for 14 days,  (add  transport  
cost* (ex. zone I round trip at $ xx.00).   That's an average of only $xx.00/day.
* $ xx.00 "set up" fee is to cover the initial zone 1 ( 0 -15 miles) round trip transportation.